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The Best Handmade Women's Leather Trench Coats

This leather outerwear is not just restricted to one season, rather is the preferred outerwear all year round. However, it becomes a wardrobe must-have for the chilly winter season. The luxurious and posh women's genuine leather trench coats are capable of adding a stylish and classy look to your everyday outfit. When you think of these coats your mind might go straight to a puffy, fur-lined parka or a woolen duffle coat, meant for high society parties and extreme glam. While these coats are also an excellent fashion choice, there are other more practical and meant for everyday use coats too. Especially the long leather trench coats for women. At SCIN you will find a collection of all these styles to fit your needs.

Our leather coats are made from premium quality sheepskin leather that provides comfort and warmth. At SCIN, our leather apparel is designed by some of the best designers in the industry and hand-stitched by highly skilled craftsmen, who ensure that every piece is well-constructed and one of a kind. You will also find these coats in a wide range of colors and designs, which gives you the liberty to choose according to your personal style. So head over to our shop to check out our latest collection of the best women’s leather trench coats before we run out!

Classic Black & Brown Leather Trench Coats For Women

Women’s full length leather trench coats at SCIN are made with genuine sheep skin leather that offers a soft to touch appeal and unmatched comfort. Coats at SCIN are constructed with full-grain leather and meticulous craftsmanship that ensures the durability and longevity of the apparel. You will find unique styles and designs at SCIN that are put together by our highly skilled designers to give you leather outerwear that is unparalleled. Our full length leather trench coat for women offers both style and functionality. Not only do we offer a range of designs and styles at our store, but we also have these coats in a variety of colors. Some of our best-selling coats are black and brown leather trench coats for women. It is the versatility of the brown and black leather trench coats for women that makes them loved by all. You can add these neutrals to revamp your everyday casual look and go for other color hues when you wish to make a style statement.