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Shop The Most Iconic Shearling Leather Jacket

With the winter season around the corner every year a need to find the best shearling leather jacket arises. The cold season comes with snow and low temperatures which some like and some don’t. But what brings everyone together this season is the love for leather jackets. Shearling leather jackets are the perfect leather piece to provide the utmost warmth and comfort. But that is not only what they have got to offer. These timeless pieces will also make you look classy and up your fashion game in no time.

These iconic have had a long and extremely fascinating history. If we go around 6000 years back, people back then used the same materials to provide them warmth as the ones used to make shearling jackets today. At SCIN shearling leather jackets are made of premium quality sheep leather with the soft woolen lining still intact. You can find a wide variety of these jackets in multiple colors and designs. If you do not find your fit, then we can get it customized for you! Isn’t that amazing?! So do not wait and shop leather jackets at SCIN.

Timeless Lambskin Leather Jacket - Must Haves

The connection that was formed between the masculine-looking, tough pilot jackets and the sheepskin jacket is iconic. It has added a lot of historical value and significance to this fantastic leather piece, so much so that no other winterwear comes close to it. A genuine shearling leather jacket is a must-have wardrobe edition for both men and women. The most popular colors that this leather outerwear comes in are black and brown leather shearling jackets.

At SCIN you will find these jackets available in many forms, colors, designs, and styles. However, the fundamentals that make these jackets so unique stay the same. We make these jackets with SCIN’s signature premium quality lambskin and sheepskin. The material is softest to touch, with the inner woolen lining providing extra warmth. Our craftsmen ensure that high-quality hand stitching and durable metal accessories make each of these pieces unique and long-lasting. Every piece that exits our workshop is one of the best that you will find. Browse our lambskin leather jacket collection now!