Women's RAF B3 Flying Bomber Aviator Leather Jacket

Women's RAF B3 Flying Bomber Aviator Leather Jacket

Product Code: B3-AVIATOR



Color: Brown With Beige Fur

Size: S


Color: Brown With Beige Fur

- About the Product:

Real sheepskin leather

Neck warmer with fur lining

Round cuffs with fur

Fur collar with two buckle belts

Front zip closure

Two side pockets

Two side belts on the waist

- Description

Introducing our Women's RAF B3 Flying Bomber Aviator Leather Jacket – a timeless and elegant fusion of style and functionality. Crafted from high-quality real sheepskin leather, this leather jacket promises durability and a luxurious feel. The neck warmer with fur lining provides optimal warmth, while the round cuffs with fur add a touch of sophistication and extra insulation. The fur collar with two buckle belts enhances the leather jacket's visual appeal and provides customizable comfort. The front zip closure guarantees a secure fit, keeping you snug in chilly weather. Additionally, the two side pockets offer convenience without compromising on aesthetics, and the two side belts on the waist allow you to tailor the jacket to your desired silhouette. Elevate your winter wardrobe with this meticulously designed RAF B3 Flying Bomber Aviator Leather Jacket that effortlessly combines classic aviation flair with modern comfort.

Material This jacket is created with high-quality and luxurious leather which helps the wearer to provide desired thickness, softness, aesthetic and surface pattern, and heat insulation. Breathability Leather is one of the only garments that breaths, air passes easily through leather giving it the versatility to keep you warm or cold and regulate body heat more efficiently than other clothing options. Durability As this is made up of real leather it is very durable while providing the wearer softness, comfort, and warmth at the same time. Its color, quality, and fabric are long-lasting and they remain the same even after several washes. Water-resistant The fibers in the jacket contain a sturdy water-repellent layer and it prevents water from reaching inside the core. Without getting dumped, these cores can absorb moist vapor. Multi-climate comfort It can be worn in winter as well as in spring too due to its breathability and fine-quality of leather. Pocket style It has two cross-hand warmer pockets. The jacket looks super stylish and modish and is perfectly fine to put on almost any occasion. Neck and Zipper style It also features a neck warmer with fur lining inside, round cuffs with fur, a fur collar with two buckle belts, and a front zip closure which enhances the overall look of the jacket. These features make it the best fit for women of almost any body shape. Color Brown with beige fur, Black with black fur, and Brown with ginger fur. Available size The jacket is available from S to 2XL standard sizes. Also, you can buy it in custom sizes that fit most people, the sheepskin jacket is so flexible. You can share your size details and get your perfect-fit custom-size jacket as well. Weight The jacket comes in a lightweight and wonderfully warm, soft, and durable. It comes with a detachable fur collar, so the wearer can wear it according to her desired look. It is roomier and is designed specifically for women.

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