Eric Aviator Bomber Leather Jacket

Eric Aviator Bomber Leather Jacket

Product Code: ERIC



Size: S


- About the Product:

Real sheepskin leather

Single breasted design

Adjustable waist buckles

Fur collar

Buckle strap under collar

Asymmetric zip closure

Faux fur lining inside

Open hem cuffs

Traditional style sheepskin flying jacket

Angle Side hand warmer pockets

- Description

Introducing our Eric Aviator Bomber Leather Jacket, a timeless piece that effortlessly combines style and functionality. Crafted from real sheepskin leather, this jacket exudes luxury while providing durability and longevity. The single-breasted design, adorned with an asymmetric zip closure, adds a contemporary touch to the traditional sheepskin flying jacket. The adjustable waist buckles allow for a personalized fit, while the fur collar and buckle strap under it provide an extra layer of warmth and a touch of rugged elegance. The faux fur lining inside provides for unparalleled comfort during colder seasons, and the open hem cuffs add a polished finish. With angle side hand warmer pockets, this jacket keeps you warm but also offers convenience. Embrace a classic look with a modern twist in this Aviator Bomber Cross Zipper Leather Jacket, a versatile and timeless addition to your wardrobe.

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