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About The High-Quality Leather Vests & Jackets

Traditionally leather vests were a wardrobe staple for cowboys. They then became a part of the military wear during World War I and with time these versatile vests found their way into Hollywood. This way after being endorsed by most A-list celebrities across the globe, leather vests became a symbol of toughness and ruggedness. Today their classic look continues to captivate both men and women. These leather vests are available in various leather types, styles, and designs. All of this depends on the kind of vest you are looking for.

At SCIN you will find leather vests in premium quality leather. They are made of cowhide , sheep , and lamb skin. You can also find other leather versions like goatskin. The high-quality leather used in these vests ensures their durability and longevity. If you are someone who wears their leather vest jacket on a regular basis, then shop at SCIN. Our vests come with a guarantee of lasting a long time. Each of these leather pieces is hand crafted and designed by some of the best craftsmen in the States. You can easily pair our leather vests with a white shirt, a pair of jeans, and boots for a quintessential cowboy look. Visit SCIN now to grab yours now!

Shop Black & Brown Genuine Leather Vests

While many individuals might be skeptical of wearing a leather vest for the very first time, once you try it on there is no going back. A leather vest works as the perfect fashion statement for everyday wear. These leather vests are available in different styles, textures, and colors. From cowhide to the softest lamb leather there are plenty of options to choose from. The bestselling vests at SCIN are the black leather vests. These color vests are the fashion benchmark for many enthusiasts. However, SCIN offers you many color options to choose from. We have colors like tan, mustard, and brown leather vests. Which gives you plenty of color options to experiment with. If you are looking for something unique and inspirational check out our latest collection at SCIN.